WebCenter™ connects you and your employees. Our clients gain increased control over the procurement process, information management, and their costs.

The WebCenter Client Portal provides a fast, convenient way for us to post announcements and messages to our clients. In addition, it allows you to check the status of pending orders, review past and recent invoices, and obtain accounts receivable summaries. Through the WebCenter Employee Portal, employees can view announcements and messages, print past W-2’s, maintain personal histories, review year-to-date payroll information and assignment logs, online timecards, and more.

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HRCenter™ allows professional and industrial candidates to easily navigate through tasks to successfully complete the application process. Applicants can access HRCenter anywhere, from our in-office kiosks to their mobile devices.

HRCenter creates and stores I-9’s, W-4’s, and any additional forms your company requires for onboarding. It is completely paperless, verifies signatures electronically, and allows you to organize and navigate countless files with ease. With built-in approval processes, optical résume parsing, and the ability to customize screening quizzes, it ensures only the best applicants move on to the next step.

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Job Boards

Our mobile-friendly job board is integrated into our company website and provides us with a complete view of the most qualified applicants. Our job board enables applicants to apply from home or a mobile device, view detailed job postings, choose and mark jobs as favorites, submit profiles and resumés, and even email postings to others.

Features such as intuitive search and filtering as well as a “job cart” allow candidates to express interest in the jobs for which they’re most qualified and most likely to accept and be successful. Unqualified candidates are filtered out with a series of customizable questions, designed by you. Allowing us to find the right person for the right job.

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